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With Management, Stories, Followers and Insights – Snaplytics is the only Snapchat marketing platform you'll ever need.


A completely automated platform is the bread and butter of successful Snapchat marketing. Spend less time managing and more time engaging with your followers and brand advocates.

Sign-up for Snaplytics and watch your social data transpire within an hour.

The data is refreshed hourly so you can monitor the story content metrics that matter.

All of this is presented in a beautiful dashboard with exportable reports in the PRO version.

Snapchat automation cycle

* Snaplytics logs into your account to fetch metrics which will log you out, this can be paused for live stories and events.


Without in-depth Snapchat analytics it’s impossible to make informed decisions on what content is and isn’t working. Snaplytics delivers the Snapchat metrics you need.


This is the amount of unique views the first snap in a story got. It's comparable to reach on other social networks.


This is the number of total screenshots for all of the snaps in a story. You can also dive deeper and see which snaps got the most screen shots to pinpoint which content actually resonates with your followers.

Completion rate

This is the percentage of followers that saw the entire story from the first snap to the last snap. It's comparable to retention rate on other social networks.

Open rate

This is the percentage of your estimated total followers that has actually engaged with your story. It's comparable to engagement rate on other social networks.



Without followers to engage with what’s the point of social marketing? Keep track of your total Snapchat followers and how they added you.

Estimated total followers

Snaplytics counts all of the unique usernames that have seen your snaps and this provides an estimate of total follower count.

Daily follower growth

You get a more detailed view of when you got your new followers and Snaplytics also provide a timeline of number of followers you gained each day.

New followers by username, snapcode, deep link or add-back

With Snaplytics you can even see how your followers added you. This can be used to figure out how you acquired your Snapchat followers.



One of the questions we get the most here at Snaplytics is "What is the benchmark for 'good' on Snapchat?" With Insights, Snaplytics moves one step closer to help you answer that question.

Compare with all accounts on Snaplytics

You can benchmark your account compared to other accounts on Snaplytics. We've got a very diverse clientbase spanning all around the globe, so we believe it to be a pretty accurate measure of what's happening on Snapchat right now.

Compare with accounts within your industry

Sometimes you need to a scope that's a bit more fine-tuned, that's why we've made it possible to benchmark your account against others within your industry.


But wait! There's more!

Snaplytics API Access PRO

Access your Snaplytics data with our API to build custom reporting and integrations. Documentation.

Snaplytics Data Export PRO

Want to juggle the numbers in Excel? We can make your wildest pivot dreams come true.

Story download

Merge and download your Snapchat stories for post-publishing viewing and sharing to other social networks.

Content backup

We keep all of your stories so you can have access to them 24/7/365. Now you can have a library of all your hard work on Snapchat.

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