From Vine to Snapchat: Moving Forward

When Twitter announced that it was shutting down Vine in October, the Internet world held a vigil.

It might seem strange that so many mourned the passing of a social media channel no longer used by the masses but Vine paved the way for much of what we do online today, including using Snapchat, and storytelling online will continue to move forward. While Snapchat was slowly growing and developing, Vine’s use of 6 second video clips gave rise to a new form of storytelling and short-form content took over. Look at any of the major social media channels out there today and you’ll see the legacy of Vine and how that legacy continues with Snapchat today.

Moving with Attention

This continuation is notable with various Vine stars migrating over to Snapchat as the channel continues to rise and now sits at the top table alongside Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Over the last few years Shawn Mendes went from a 16 year old kid, known only by family and friends, to a new pop superstar with a glittering career ahead of him. He might have started his journey on Vine but you can now find him on Snapchat @ShawnMendes with over 150 million daily global users waiting to see what he does next. Similarly, US comedy stars Thomas Sanders and Logan Paul can now both be found on Snapchat @Thomas_Sanders and @LoganPaul respectively. Both performers understand that when one social media channel disappears another takes its place and digital storytelling and marketing is all about moving to where the attention is.

Snapchatting into 2017 and Beyond…

This understanding is crucial and while Snapchat gears up for a rumored $25 billion market floatation in March 2017 the channel still provides users, creators, brands and businesses the opportunity to create and story tell with better short-form content than ever before. As the channel grows and adds new functionality including new filters, Snapchat Stories, and even the newly released Spectacles, the opportunities increase. As mentioned in our previous post, Snapchat and the Attention Game, the channel fuses together consumer thirst for short-form content with long-form brand or business storytelling over a 24 hour period. This melding together of short and long-form content on Snapchat could be seen by some as Vine 2.0 so if you’ve been mourning the loss of your favorite channel, don’t worry. The little Snapchat Ghost is here to stay, in 2017 and beyond…

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