How Online Retailers Can Use Snapchat to Drive Website Traffic

As Snapchat gets bigger and becomes an increasingly important cog within the digital marketing mix online retailers will consider the best ways to use the channel to drive website traffic.

Luckily, we’ve done some thinking for you! Even though Snapchat has been around since 2011 the channel is still relatively new when used in a business context. As a result, things aren’t just as streamlined yet, as say with Facebook, and using it to drive traffic will take a bit more creativity but the potential impact is there as we’ve already seen Snapchat attention stats skyrocket!

Campaign Stories

One key way to harness this attention and increase website traffic is by effectively using Snapchat Stories with key goals in mind. Snapchat Stories are a collection of images and video, lasting no longer than ten seconds in length, uploaded by a user, that can be viewed either individually or as an entire “story” for a total of 24 hours after upload. Businesses can create stories, treating them like daily or individual mini campaigns, that direct followers to exclusive sales on their website, secret pages, specific products and more. Snapchat Stories are now considered one of the key elements of the channel and a balance must be struck between providing followers something entertaining or informative alongside trying to promote official brand websites.

Custom Discount Codes for Followers

Custom discount codes aren’t new in the online retail world but sending them direct to Snapchat followers opens up new doors for brands. This could be achieved in a number of ways but we’ve boiled it down to two different methods. First, you upload a Snapchat Story with a custom discount code and clearly highlight that followers should screenshot the image or video with the code, as it will disappear in a set amount of time. Alternatively, you could upload a Snapchat Story saying “the first 10 followers to screenshot” will get a code sent directly to them and then act out this tactic with the winners accordingly. The positive PR potential of this tactic is insane. Can you imagine how many people would tell their friends and family “I got 30% off when BRAND NAME’s Snapchat account snapped me a discount code out of the blue”? Also, as always with discount codes, engagement can be measured on both sides alongside our Snaplytics data. Bonus!

Website Footage

This final tactic takes advantage of the highly visual nature of Snapchat as a marketing channel. Brands can now use Snapchat to direct people to certain areas of their website using image and video as a simple walkthrough. This content can be added to Stories over a 24-hour period and each Snap can be overlaid with text of the exact URL followers should enter into their browsers. This tactic could be used to promote a brand new blog just posted to the website, a specific product or sale or even a secret page unavailable to non-Snapchat followers through the normal site navigation. Brands could also encourage and increase customer/follower dialogue by posting Stories content asking for feedback on positives and negatives within the current website. As with every aspect of marketing, both social and otherwise, the more creative the better!

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