How to Create the Perfect Snapchat Story

As more and more brands turn to Snapchat and begin to vie for user attention the stakes get raised and quality and creativity become increasingly important elements in the battle to standout.

Alongside the need to create something that actually engages, entertains or informs your Snapchat audience is the need to use data to hone in on optimum Snapchat story length and combining the two will help you create the perfect Snapchat Story. As with everything it’s all about testing what works for your business but as we work with hundreds of brands and businesses, in all sorts of industries, we might be able to give a couple of useful hints and tips to steer you in the right direction…

Study Your Completion Rates

Before diving in to the nuts and bolts of your Snapchat Story you should consider the Completion rate metric. This is a seriously important metric to keep in mind when judging and optimizing perfect Snapchat story length as it quickly tells you whether or not you’re holding follower attention. Having 100 Snapchat followers that hang on your every word and watch every piece of content will potentially be of more value than having a large audience of unengaged followers who watch less and less of your stories. With this in mind it’s important to remember that Snapchat is simply another platform for you to deliver messages that are important to your business and if your audience isn’t listening then you’ve got a problem. Use completion rates as a listening gauge.

Think About Snapchat Story Length

The next step will be to focus on your Story lengths and analyzing your Story completion rates will be a good indication of what your audience currently responds to length-wise. According to our data, collected from multiple businesses in various industries, short concise Snapchat Stories generally lead to higher completion rates. For instance, one fashion brand uploaded a story with two items (either images or video) lasting just six seconds in total that achieved a 95% completion rate. At the opposite end of the spectrum was an education brand that hit just 66% of its total audience with a story consisting of 100 items and lasting just over 15 minutes! Obviously not every Story, long or short, will generate the same results but shorter pieces of content generally do better, and this fits in with the disposable nature of the platform, so the challenge is to find the sweet spot in which you can operate and deliver key messages but also retain attention. With all of this in mind, you can determine Snapchat Story length in two ways: the number of items added to a Story and the respective length of each item.

Build & Experiment

These are just two important elements you should consider when creating a Snapchat Story for your brand or business and the metrics will help clarify follower behavior as you begin to build and experiment with different lengths of Stories, different styles, tones and messages. -- What else do you consider to be an important part of the perfect Snapchat story? Let us know or get in touch if you have other questions!

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