How to Measure Success on Snapchat

Snapchat is becoming a beast in the social media world…in a good way!

With over 6 billion daily mobile video views and 150 million daily global users the little white ghost on a yellow background is starting to command a massive, engaged audience and that spells potential for businesses out there. No doubt those numbers got you interested and we’re not surprised…

Snapchat Success

Massive brands like McDonald’s, Disney, Taco Bell in the USA and ASOS in the UK have all started marketing and advertising on the mobile app and smaller brands and businesses can now follow them and learn from their mistakes and successes. Add to that the fact that the app is slowly aging upwards from teens and Millennials to young and older adults and this trend is set to continue and trickle down to businesses of all shapes and sizes. As with all marketing, and especially with anything on social media, success lies in the creation of incredible, engaging content, self-promotion and outreach, but measuring that success on a new channel can still be tricky. That’s where we step in. Follow along below to understand what metrics matter on Snapchat.

Snapchat Metrics That Matter

As with every social channel the tendency is to judge all success and failure against the account follower numbers. History and general knowledge suggests that more followers means more success and vice versa. Whilst this can be true, the best social media marketing, and Snapchat in particular, is all about commanding attention and engagement and with that in mind businesses should also focus on the following:

Item Count Unless using a geo-filter or one-to-one customer engagement a brand’s Snapchat marketing will primarily revolve around the creation of “Stories”, 24 hour segments of sequential content, and item count is simply how many photos or videos each story contains. This will be a useful metric when monitoring the success or failure of long or short-form Snapchat stories.

Open Count/Rate Marketers are obsessed with email marketing open rates and the same might just happen with Snapchat open counts/rates. Each open is a clear indication of customer interest. Whether they hang around or engage with your content is another story…

Screenshots Which brings us on to screenshots. Screenshots are a way of life for smartphone users nowadays and for brands using Snapchat this can open up a whole array of potential options. Businesses could encourage Snapchat followers to screenshot to enter competitions, secure an exclusive discount code or just pass on a funny message to friends and family. The opportunities are there for creative brands but the chief reason for measuring screenshots is to measure engagement.

Time/Length of Story Similar to Item Count, it’s always worth measuring and monitoring just what type of content generates the best return from your audience and in this case it’s the measurement of the entire story length in seconds. Each piece of image or video content on a Snapchat story can be viewed for a total of 10 seconds at a time and some brands may discover their audiences enjoy longer stories and vice versa.

Completion Rate The final Snapchat metric of note is Completion Rate and this is measured as a percentage. As stated early having a large amount of followers is potentially a great thing for a brand but if those followers aren’t engaging or consuming the content produced then their value diminishes. This metric will allow businesses to consider the success or failure of their Snapchat content creation and adjust accordingly.

Metric Madness

It might seem like a lot to consider but the reality is metrics are everywhere today in digital marketing and businesses quickly adapt to new numbers and channels. Happy Snapping!

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