Introducing Snapchat Insights, our best update yet

Snapchat Insights is here and you won't understand how you operated without it before.

Here are some pretty breathtaking numbers about Snapchat:

  1. Over 100 million daily users (Bloomberg)
  2. More than 400 million Snaps shared every day (Mashable)
  3. 73% of Snapchat users are the valuable millennial demographic (Business Insider)

And yet, Snapchat is lacking one key feature: Checking out how the competition and the industry as a whole is doing. On Facebook, Likes, Shares and Comments are easily located. Same thing for Instagram, Twitter – heck most other social media as well. However worry not because we at Snaplytics have come up with a solution to your dilemma.

Welcome to the future of metrics: Snapchat Insights

We are proud to introduce Insights, a tool that will help you understand how your industry and other Snapchat accounts using Snaplytics are performing. No matter what industry you are in, this tool will become part of your daily routine. Want to know how many opens other brands in broadcasting & entertainment are doing? We have answers. Curious as if to others are getting more screenshots of their content? We also have the answers to that. Do you ponder if your Stories or Snaps are too long and would like to know what is the industry norm? Believe it or not, we also have the answer to this. Insights is what Robin is to Batman, we are there when you most need us. Now you don't have to post Stories without knowing what works best, or if you want to stand out and do things in a different way then Insights is also the way to go.

Snapchat Insights

Insights is available to all Snaplytics customers and offers a level of detail in your metrics that you had never seen before on Snapchat. Join Snaplytics today and don't use Snapchat with your eyes closed, stand out on Snapchat with Insights.

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