Your ‘Saved Stories’ on Snapchat don’t go where they used to

Snapchat changed in a significant way after the last update – and you may have not even noticed. The obvious update came in the shape of Memories, an in-app gallery that can be used to share old photos and videos.

Previously you could save a photo or video by clicking on this option on the lower left corner of a screen:

You could also save a Snap already on your Story, but it appears Snapchat, in an effort perhaps to boost usage of Memories, now makes you go through the new feature to save a Snap to your phone gallery. To our knowledge the update has not been noted on other trusted technology sites, but we at Snaplytics can’t avoid jumping one any changes to how users behave on Snapchat.

How do you save your Snaps now?

There’s a few ways to continue to save your Snaps on your photo gallery without having to screenshot, here’s the new process to save a Snap to your phone (You’ll have to forgive our Chief Product Officer Anders, he loves selfies):

This is the best way to save one individual Snap, however this process can become tedious if you want to save a large number of images – say from your last trip to the beach or that birthday party you don’t remember anything about. Here’s how you can save multiple Snaps at once (Again featuring Anders’ incredible selfie face):

Apart from saving your photos directly within Memories, you can change the settings overall to make sure your photos save to your roll and not only your Memories section. Go to your Snapchat settings and click on Memories and then this screen will come up:

This will allow you to select where your Snaps are saved and therefore not have to go through Memories. Snapchat is normally more notorious about their updates – the auto advance update comes to memory, but it appears that within the Memories update came a small one they did not want to make a big deal out of.

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