How To Download Image From Twitter?


Twitter has many funny memes and stuff, which need to be shared across platforms and it’s extremely easy to download images from Twitter. Here are the steps to save an image from Twitter.

How do you download images from Twitter?

  • On the Mobile App – Open the image inside the tweet, at the top right corner, tap on the three dots menu, and there you will find the Save option to download the image.


  • Through Browser – When using inside a browser, you can right-click on the image to save it directly to your device.

How do you copy an image URL from Twitter?

Right-click on the image and you will find the Copy Image address option. You will need to use Twitter through a browser to get this option.

Can you download an image from Twitter?

Yes, absolutely you can download any image you want from Twitter.

How do you download gifs and videos from Twitter?

Well, you can check this post on how to download a video from Twitter, and for GIFs, you can use your Twitter GIF downloader.

How To Download Image From Twitter?
Article Name
How To Download Image From Twitter?
Unlock the steps to seamlessly download images from Twitter. Explore our guide for a quick and easy way to save your favorite pictures for offline enjoyment.

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