Instagram Reels Thumbnail Downloader

Instagram Reels Thumbnail Downloader

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Welcome to our free-to-use Instagram thumbnail downloader for reels. Just paste the reels link and click on download and you will get the option to download Instagram reels’ thumbnail.¬†Incase, you made a mistake and wanted to download the thumbnail of a YouTube video, then use our YouTube thumbnail download tool.

How to download a Instagram Reels' Thumbnail?

1.¬† First copy the reel link, which you can do by clicking on the share button. instagram-reel-share-button 2. Then tap on the copy link button and the reel link will be copied to your clipboard. instagram-reel-copy-link-button 3. Then paste the link on our page to download the Instagram reel thumbnail. instagram-reel-paste-link 4. Then click on the download button and wait for it to load. instagram-reel-press-download-and-wait 5. Once the Instagram reel data has successfully loaded, you can click on the ‘Download Thumbnail’ button to download the reel thumbnail and download the reel itself directly to your device by pressing the button below it. instagram-reel-thumbnail-download-final


Just copy the URL of the Instagram reel and paste it here in our tool, then click on the Download button and wait for it to load. Once loaded, click on the Download thumbnail button, and your Instagram reel thumbnail will be downloaded.

No, not at all, you can just paste the reels URL and click on the download button and the thumbnail and reel can be downloaded without signing in you Instagram account, completely annonymously.

Unfortunately not, for that you need to screen record that reel or for the reel thumbnail you need to take a screenshot of it.

The default location for the the downloaded reel thumbnail will be your downloads folder unless you have changed it from the browser settings.