YouTube Thumbnail Downloader

YouTube Thumbnail Downloader

Easily Download Youtube Thumbnail in HD quality for free.

Simply paste the Youtube video link and press show thumbnails.

Easily download YouTube thumbnail with our thumbnail grabber tool by just pasting the YouTube video link and clicking on Show Thumbnails. Then click on the download buttons to download the thumbnails directly to your device. In case you were looking to download thumbnail of a Instagram reel and stumbled on the wrong page then use our Instagram reel thumbnail downloader.

How to Download Thumbnail from YouTube?

Copy the YouTube video URL from the above URL bar or right-click and press ‘copy video URL’. On mobile app, you can use the share video option to copy the video URL.

1. After copying the YouTube video URL paste it here in our tool.


2. Then click on ‘Show Thumbnails’ and the video thumbnails will be loaded.


3. Click the Download button on the top of the respective thumbnails to download them.


About Snaplytics Youtube Thumbnail Downloader

Videos on all platforms and websites contain thumbnails, which are like preview into the content of the video. A small sneak peek into what you are about to watch. On YouTube, a well made made thumbnail is important inorder to get a high number of views. A good thumbnail can convert well and make more users want to click the video to watch it.

Now what if you are writing a blog post or an article regarding a YouTube video and don’t want to embed it, then you can use our YouTube Thumbnail Downloader and with just two clicks you can download your YouTube video’s thumbnail.


It is very easy to download YouTube thumbnails, simply follow these steps –¬†

1. Copy the YouTube video link.

2. Paste inside the input form above.

3. Click on the ‘Show Thumbnails’ button and our app will load the video thumbnails.

4. Then you can right-click save or click on the ‘Download Image’ button to save the thumbnail to your device.

The thumbnails are available to download in High Resolution (1280×720), Standard Resolution (640×480), High Quality (480×360), Normal Quality (320×180), and Normal Quality (120×90) versions.

Simply input the YouTube video link in the above input form and click on the ‘Show Thumbnails’ button and our app will extract thumbnails from the YouTube video.

After loading the YouTube video thumbnails, you can just right-click on the images to get their URL or direct links.

From the YouTube embed code, extract the YouTube video URL, paste it here in the input form above, and click on Show Thumbnails. Then you can download the video thumbnails from here.