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Simply paste the Tweet link and press Download.

Twitter/X is currently the center of the world’s discourse and anything happening in the world gets posted over there first. Now you are scrolling Twitter and suddenly come across a popular or funny video that you want to share with your friends on WhatsApp or Telegram.

You can use the downloader we created to download Twitter videos. Below are the steps to save a video from Twitter using our Snaplytics Twitter/X video downloader.

How To Save A Video From Twitter/X?

It’s extremely easy, just follow these steps –

1. Copy the tweet link, which contains the video. You can copy the tweet link from the browser URL bar or use the share button underneath the tweet.

2. Then open our Twitter/X video downloader, paste the link in the input area, and click Download.


3. Wait for the video links to load, and if required complete the captcha.

4. Once it loads, you will be presented with direct download links of all the videos present in the tweet.



How To Save A Video From Twitter/X on your phone?

It’s the same method as the desktop method, here it is –

1. First, copy the tweet link that contains the video, and use the share button present at the lower right side of the tweet.

2. Tap on ‘Copy Link’.

3. Open our downloader to save Twitter/X video, and paste the copied link in the input field.

4. Then tap on the download button and wait for the app to load. If required fill the captcha.

Our app will then show you the videos present in the tweet and their direct download links. Tap the download buttons to save Twitter videos to your iPhone or Android.



1. In the mobile app, you can click on the Share Tweet button below the tweet and there you can get the ‘Copy Link’ option.

2. If you are in a browser, then you can just copy the tweet link from the URL bar.

3. This is an example Twitter/X link –

1. Copy the tweet link from the twitter app, by clicking on the share tweet button below the tweet.

2. Paste the link, here above and press the ‘Download’ button.

The video might been deleted or it is from a private account.

Yes, you can download videos from Twitter messages by simply long-pressing the video and four options will appear and there you will find the ‘Download Video’ option. You can’t use a public downloader like ours to download from Twitter messages.


Visit our Twitter/X gif downloader, paste the tweet link, and press download. You will get download links for all the gifs in the tweet.

Important Notice: Snaplytics does not store or host any copyrighted or pirated content on its servers. Any videos or images you download using our tool are retrieved directly from their original Content Delivery Network (CDN) servers. Additionally, our tool is not affiliated with Twitter/X in any way.