How To Clear Twitter Search History?


You want to delete something you searched on Twitter because you are embarrassed by it and don’t want anyone to know or could be some other reason. Well, the good news is, that it is extremely easy to delete your Twitter search history, no matter what you are using it through, either the app or browser.

How To Delete Twitter Search History?

  • Suppose you are using Twitter through a browser. In that case, when you click on the search button, you get an option to ‘Clear all’ which deletes all the search queries or you can individually delete any search query you want by clicking on the cross icon that corresponds to them.


  • If you are using Twitter through the mobile app, then when you tap on the search section, you can tap the tiny ‘X’ icon next to ‘Recent’ which will delete your search history or delete individual queries, just long press that query and then tap in the clear option.


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Can people see what you viewed on Twitter?

No, people can’t see what you viewed or searched on Twitter, but if your likes are public then they can view what you have liked.

Does Twitter store deleted search history?

No Twitter does not, they only store the search history locally on your app or browser.

How do you completely delete my Twitter search history?

Follow the steps described above by clicking on the Clear All button, it will completely delete your Twitter search history.

Does Twitter keep search history?

No, Twitter does not store your search history on its servers; rather it’s saved inside the browser or app you are using and you can clear it easily.

How To See Twitter Search History?

You can go to the search section of the Twitter app/website, and there you can find the most recently searched profiles and queries.

How To See Deleted Search History On Twitter?

Unfortunately, once deleted you can’t see the deleted search history of Twitter anymore. However, if you were using Twitter on a browser, then the browser history might be of help.

How To Clear Twitter Search History?
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How To Clear Twitter Search History?
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