How To Save A Gif From Twitter?


Twitter/X has some really cool GIFs, from a very diverse pool of creators. Sometimes the GIFs, the memes or funny meme videos are just too damn funny to be enjoyed alone and you want to share with others.

But now Twitter requires all users to be logged in to view something, so in order to share that with a friend who is not on Twitter, you will need to download that Twitter video or GIF and send it to them. Here’s a simple way to do that in just a few seconds –

How to save a GIF from Twitter?

So we got our very own Snaplytics Twitter GIF downloader, which you can use to quickly download a GIF from Twitter in less than a minute. Here’s how to do that –

  • First, copy the link of the tweet that has the GIF you want to download, if you are on a desktop/laptop, copy the tweet link from the browser URL bar or if you are on the Twitter/X mobile app, then click on the share button under the tweet to its extreme right and then tap on Copy Link.
  • Now paste the link into the input field of our Twitter/X GIF downloader and click on Download.


  • Now, if it asks, complete the captcha, then wait for the download links to load.
  • You will be shown the thumbnail of the GIF and below it will contain its download links. Click on the download links to save them onto your device.


It’s done, now the GIF has been successfully saved from Twitter to your device.

How to save a GIF from Twitter on iPhone?

No matter the device, whether it’s an iPhone or an Android you can use our app to download Twitter GIFs. Its the same process as above and here it follows –

  • First, right under the tweet that contains the GIF, click on that share button and then click on ‘Copy Link’.


  • Now paste that link on our app and click on download.
  • Now, if it asks, complete the captcha, then wait for the download links to load.
  • Once it loads, click on the Download GIF option to save that GIF on your phone.


How To Save A Gif From Twitter?
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How To Save A Gif From Twitter?
Learn the quick and easy steps to save GIFs from Twitter with our comprehensive guide. Never miss out on sharing your favorite animated moments again!

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