How To Change Email On Twitter?


Yes, changing the email address associated with your Twitter account is possible. Sometimes we lose access to our email or start using a different email provider. So we need to update our social media accounts with our new email address.

And that can be done on Twitter with just a few clicks here is how to change your Twitter account email address. Also, in case after changing your Twitter email address, you notice a video you like on Twitter and want to share it with your friends, the use your Twitter video downloader to download and share it with them.

How to change your email in your Twitter account?

  • Once you have logged into your Twitter account, open the account settings page and then click on settings and privacy.
  • Then click on your account and then click on account information.
  • Now it will ask for your Twitter password. Please confirm it by entering.
  • Then click on the email, on the website you need to click on the update email address, and on the mobile app click on the email address, it will then ask you to confirm your password and then provide you the option to update your email address.  Please note that you can only use your email address with one Twitter/X account.
  • Then click on save and now you will need to probably confirm your email address.
  • Open your email account and you might have received an email from X/Twitter, informing about the addition of that email address to the Twitter account.
  • Click our tap on the confirm now button in the email and your email address will be confirmed and added to your Twitter account. You can now use this email to reset your password or access your account any time you want.
  • The process is the same on the desktop website and the mobile app.


How To Change Email On Twitter?
Article Name
How To Change Email On Twitter?
Discover the straightforward process of changing your email on Twitter with our step-by-step guide. Keep your account information up-to-date effortlessly for a seamless Twitter experience.

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