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For Instagram Stories

Snaplytics is the platform you need to take your Instagram Stories efforts to the next level.


We promise an easy to use platform that is up and running with your data within an hour of signing up. Your credentials are secure and will never be shared with anyone.

Data will be pulled on an hourly basis, so you needn't worry about a thing! We’ll go in afterwards and pull the information and deliver it in a beautiful, intuitive dashboard.

This is the ideal tool for brands, agencies and influencers.


How are you making strategic decisions about Instagram Stories without the data to back it up? Let use change that by providing the following key metrics:

  • Opens – Unique views the first piece of content in your story got
  • Screenshots – Total number of screenshots in a story, broken up individually.
  • Completion Rate – Percentage of your followers that saw your story from start to finish.
  • Open Rate – Percentage of followers that engaged with your story


Find out how your users are coming to you and boost your follower attraction methods!

Snaplytics can provide you with an estimated number of followers and daily updates on how your user base is growing.


Never question what the standard for “good numbers” on Instagram Stories are, we can just tell you!

Our platform can help you by comparing your numbers with all other Snaplytics clients (global user base) and with brands in your own industry! That way you’ll know if you’re falling behind and then figure out a plan to get back in the game.

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