Competitor Analysis
for Instagram Stories

Snaplytics is the platform you need to take your Instagram Stories efforts to the next level.

In-depth Instagram Stories analytics

Don’t plan your Instagram Stories strategy in the dark, gain access to vital insights from your competitors before you begin your campaign.

Our Instagram Stories analysis feature will help you always be a step ahead. Through our platform you’ll be able to fully comprehend why the following metrics are important:

  • Number of posts
  • Day of the week
  • Time of day
  • Frequency of content posted

Competitor Metrics Insights

The worst you could do is strategize Instagram Stories without the data to back it up. We can change that.

Snaplytics’ Competitor Analysis feature will give you access to a unique overview of what other brands within your industry are performing and how active they are. You’ll never be out of the loop again, here are our innovative competitor insights:

  • Post during any period of time or real-time
  • Weekday they post the most
  • Time of day they post

Instagram Stories Content Analysis

You’ve probably asked yourself before, how much are my competitors posting? Our platform has the ability to analyze the ratio between images and videos and the amount of time (in seconds) they run for.

Don’t spend valuable time trying to figure out what the competition is doing. Let us do the analyzing so you can focus on producing the best content with factual data to back up your every decision. We’ll deliver the numbers to you in our easy to use matrix.

The best part of Instagram Stories Competitor Analysis

It gets better. Because of how we run our platform, your competitors will never know you’re looking. Our data pulling is completely anonymous to the point that you never have to interact with them on Instagram.

Instagram Stories has already cemented its importance among your marketing priorities, but there is still lots to figure out in order to succeed on the platform. Get access to our unique data, presented in a personalized board, we left the spreadsheets behind! Let Snaplytics make your Instagram Stories strategy pure gold!

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